ECVET implementing and monitoring

Here, at Training Vision Ireland, we help our partners with the ECVET procedures.

We understand how difficult it can be to organise all the documents needed, prepare them accurately and on time, and we know that sometimes there are several questions that need answers which are not always clear and straightforward.

So, as you’ve probably already understood, we like helping each other, learning and keeping everyone updated.

Considering that we are able to get documents like MoU and LA signed by host companies, and we are able to give advice on the contents of those mentioned documents, we are also able to support partners on the go

  • if our partners have their procedure and documents in place, like for example, proof of evidence, we are happy to help them to get them signed from the host companies, explain how to fill them in and collect them for our partners;
  • if our partners have no time or ideas about how to create these documents, we have our own set of documents which includes our Skill’s Portfolio. These are our exclusive documents that we create according to each group, nationality, LO identify etc.